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Performing at KITEC Hong Kong with Jaedyn's band After-After-Party

Jaedyn Yu

Founder & Lead Drum Instructor

Jaedyn's extensive performance and teaching experiences started while she was a teenager in the US. She graduated from UCLA and studied from the best drummers around the world like Juan Carlito Mendoza (Guitar Center Drumoff Champion 2012), Glen Crosby (Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Coach), Wojtek Deregowski, and Mitchell Peters (UCLA). Her musical journey began when she started playing piano at age 3 and percussion at age 11. 

With over a decade of teaching experience, she has now taught over 300 students in the US, Hong Kong, and around the globe.


In addition to teaching, she also performed in the best venues across the world including the Hollywood Bowl and Disney Concert Hall. Some international artists she collaborated with includes  SISTAR, G.na, and U-KISS. In her previous and current bands, she also toured and performed in the United States, Africa, Mainland China, and other Asian countries. She is now the drummer for After-After-Party. 

But all of these did not come easily as she was like the majority of other Hong Kong students who had less than 1 hour of music lesson per week. Music changed her life. And she hopes to bring the beauty of music to those around her, as there are so many benefits to playing music. It not only trains your memory but also relieves stress and provides comfort, thus improving one's mental health. Music requires consistent practice, which teaches you patience and perseverance. And by jamming with other musicians, you also learn how to work as a team. (Moreover, drumming is such a fun exercise using all four limbs that it can potentially help build your physique!)

She knew she wanted to play the drums, but the traditional method of learning didn't appeal to her. Information is too scattered online and learning from just books limits our creativity. She wanted to learn to jam to music and play with other musicians. So she went on a mission to learn from the best drum set players around the world and played with as many other musicians whenever she could find a chance! Music is a universal language and allows you to connect with anyone. She learned to play to various musical styles - from rock, pop, jazz, funk, to even Brazillian music! ​

She is now settled in Hong Kong and can take a limited number of students in person and online.

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Creative, Fun, Musical

O U R  A P P R O A C H

Creative, Fun & Musical

Not every student has the same learning style and so the teaching methodology is tailored towards each student's goals and capabilities. ​We can work together to prepare for drum exams or just learn to play to your favorite songs and explore new bands together!

Unlike traditional score-based music lessons, we provide students with applicable and fun musical ideas. Students are equipped with the skills to improvise and jam in order to enjoy the wonderful world of music.


We create individualized lesson plan and expose students with a huge variety of musical styles from all over the world. We believe that drumming is a way for people to connect, express, create, entertain and share.


Our Academy’s primary goal is to inspire students to enjoy music, create their own style and connect with people from different backgrounds. 

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Hosting JP Bouvet (Guitar Center Drum-Off 2011 Champion) Drum Clinic in Hong Kong


  • Rockschool (Drums) Grade 8

  • ABRSM (Piano) Grade 8

  • ABRSM (Music Theory) Grade 5


  • Native English & Cantonese

  • Fluent Mandarin Chinese

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