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Hong Kong Drum Academy Music Fest!

June 08, 2024 (Sat)

Showcase 1: 3pm

Showcase 2: 6pm

The Wanch

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We are thrilled to host our very first student showcase, Music Fest 2024! This exciting event will feature 39 talented performers of all ages, from 5-year-olds to adults, showcasing their musical skills and passion for the drums and music.

Our students have been on this drumming journey with us for varying lengths of time - some have been honing their craft for nearly a decade, while others have recently joined our academy. Regardless of their experience level, they have all worked incredibly hard in the last few months, dedicating themselves to perfecting their technique and stage presence. Music Fest 2024 is a celebration of their achievements and the remarkable progress they have made under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

You will be treated to a diverse program, with songs you may recognize alongside new and exciting pieces. Students will perform both solo or in pairs! And we're thrilled that our venue, the Wanch, has set up two drum kits on stage for the first time in their history just for us!

We encourage all attendees to show their support and enthusiasm throughout the entire event. Your applause and cheers will mean the world to our students, boosting their confidence and inspiring them to give their very best. Remember, we are all on this musical journey together, and your encouragement can make all the difference.

Join us as we shine the spotlight on the next generation of drummers and musicians. Music Fest 2024 promises an unforgettable day filled with the rhythmic heartbeat of Hong Kong's most promising great musicians. Prepare to be amazed!

A Word from
Ms. Jaedyn

Founder of Hong Kong Drum Academy

Hello everyone!


I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you all to our very first student showcase, Music Fest 2024. This event is a true labor of love, born from our belief that music is meant to be shared.


Our incredible students have poured their hearts and souls into today's performance. For some, this is their first time on stage - that takes a ton of courage and hard work! Others have been learning with us for years. No matter their experience, each student deserves our utmost support and encouragement.


Today, I hope you all have fun and enjoy the performances of our students. Let's celebrate our students' progress together. Also, I invite you all to get to know each other, chat with the other parents, and students and let's make some noise together in support of our amazing drummers! 


To our students - I'm so proud of you. Your dedication and passion are truly inspiring. Whether this is your first performance or your tenth, remember that you have a whole community cheering you on.


And to our audience, thank you for being here. Your energy and enthusiasm fuel our students' dreams. Your applause will lift them up and remind them they're not alone on this journey.


So let's immerse ourselves in the rhythmic heartbeat of Hong Kong's most promising drummers. Music Fest 2024 is not any typical Student Showcase... it's THE BEST showcase possible for students in Hong Kong! 


Hope you all enjoy the show and HAVE FUN!!! 




Ms. Jaedyn


Founder, Hong Kong Drum Academy

IMG_8539 2.jpg


18 Students are Performing!

Playing Drums


15 Students & 6 Guest Performers are Performing!

Our Program: 3PM

Show 1.1.jpg
Show 1.2.jpg

Our Program: 6PM

Show 2.1.jpg
Show 2.2.jpg

Our Students

Dedication. Persistence. Passion.

This is our students. Some have been learning from us for over a decade, and some had just started with us. No matter how long they have been drumming, we are all on a musical journey together! 

Student Band

"Angst and Jung"

HKDA Student Alex's Band

Special Thanks to our Special Guest Band!
Thank you, Brianna, Ming, Zaid, and our Awesome Drum Teacher Kevin for Playing with our Students! 

Our Team

Last but not least, we couldn't have done it without these Rockstars behind the entire Music Fest. Thank you all teachers, staff members and helpers! 

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How can you support us?

1. Check Out Our Merchandise

Don't forget to check out our exclusive Hong Kong Drum Academy Exclusive Merchandise!

We have T-shirts, ear protection, and more! All proceeds will go towards upgrading and maintaining our instruments in the best conditions possible for our students and also preparing for the next possible Music Fest! 

2. Leave Us a Google Review!

You may include your experience at our Music Fest or leave a positive message about your drum teacher or any staff member you met at Hong Kong Drum Academy! This would greatly help us reach more drum students in Hong Kong!

3. Gift Your Friends or Family a Trial Drum Lesson!

Trial lessons are 50% off today (ends June 8 23:59) if you mention to our staff the word "Music Fest!" Why are we doing this? Because we want more people to learn the drums and enjoy music like you do! 

To all students, families, and friends!

Thank you for joining us today! 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the students, families, and friends who have supported the Hong Kong Drum Academy. Your dedication and passion for music have made this event possible.

We encourage you to browse our selection of Music Fest 2024 merchandise available for purchase next to the counter. Your support through merchandise sales and Google reviews helps us continue providing exceptional music education to the music community of Hong Kong.

Please don't be shy and take a picture with your teacher or any other drummers or friends you met today at the end of the event! 

Thank you all for joining us tonight to celebrate the musical talents of our students. We hope you have a wonderful evening!


The Hong Kong Drum Academy Team

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Hope to see you soon again!

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