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About Hong Kong Drum Academy

Hong Kong Drum Academy is a unique and dedicated drum academy in Hong Kong offering high-quality drum lessons for students ages 5 and above. We aim to help our students achieve their musical goals while helping them grow their love and passion for music. Enrolling more than 400 unique students in the last few years, we attract drummers from local or international schools, music scenes, and hobbyists.​

In addition to private lessons in our North Point and Kwun Tong locations, we actively host drum workshops, after-school drum classes, or holiday drum camps at both international and local schools in Hong Kong.


400+ Students Already Joined

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Creative, Fun & Musical


We understand that every student learns differently. Our teaching methodology is tailored to each student's goals and capabilities. Together, we can prepare for drum exams or learn to play your favorite songs and explore new bands.

Unlike traditional score-based music lessons, we provide students with practical and enjoyable musical ideas. Students will learn to read scores, but also learn to improvise and jam, allowing them to fully embrace the wonderful world of music.

We create personalized lesson plans and expose students to a wide variety of musical styles from around the globe. We believe that drumming is a means for people to connect, express themselves, create, entertain, and share.

Our Academy’s primary goal is to inspire students to enjoy music, develop their own style and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.



We're Revolutionizing Drum Education By Harnessing Our Expertise And Passion For Drumming.

Our Hybrid Curriculum is developed by our Founder Ms. Jaedyn Yu and a team of experienced musicians and teachers who have decades of teaching and performing experiences.

It merges essential foundational skills with the freedom to play songs from bands and musicians that our students love. 

We inspire children and adults to play, learn, perform, and, most importantly, have fun through drumming.

Gone are the days of restrictive book learning, where students are confined to playing music solely from sheets in front of them. 

Join us as we nurture the next generation of musicians, not robots.

Hybrid Curriculum

Our drum lessons are tailored to each individual's skill level and musical interests, providing a personalized learning experience for every student.

We also help each student build a solid foundation while growing their passion for music. 

Digestible Lessons For All Ages

We understand that every student learns differently.

Our lessons foster a supportive environment where learners of all ages, skill levels, and musical backgrounds are encouraged and engaged.

Creative, Fun & Musical

No more endless hours staring at exercise books! Our lessons go beyond traditional scores.

We provide students with practical and enjoyable musical concepts. They explore various genres and gain the skills to improvise and jam, enabling them to play songs from their favorite bands.

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