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Available in English or Cantonese

"Grooves Of The World" Drum Workshop

Hong Kong Drum Academy’s founder and lead drum instructor Ms. Jaedyn Yu or a qualified Hong Kong Drum Academy senior instructor will come to your school for the interactive drum workshop. They will demonstrate fun and exciting drum beats on the drum set.

In the workshop, students will get to explore rhythms from around the world, learn to play some rock or pop drum grooves and explore different genres of music.

Many primary and secondary school students and teachers love this workshop because it is an eye-widening experience as students will hear music from different genres and origins, and understand how music can act as a language for people to recreate and connect.

Topic: "Grooves of the World"
Target: All primary or secondary school students & teachers
Duration: 60mins
Fee: Available Upon Request

Please allow at least 45 mins to set up prior to the workshop.

For more information or to discuss the details (including quotation), please contact:

+852 92549796 or

Medium of Instruction

English or Cantonese

For more info, contact:

Or WhatsApp:

+852 92549796

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Jaedyn Yu

Program Director & Founder of Hong Kong Drum Academy

Jaedyn Yu has over a decade of teaching experience with over 300 drum students. She graduated from UCLA and studied from the best drummers in the world like Juan Carlito Mendoza (Guitar Center Drumoff Champion 2012), Glen Crosby (Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Coach), Wojtek Deregowski, Nathan Eby (Los Angeles Philharmonic and UCLA Drumline), and Mitchell Peters (UCLA).

In addition to teaching, Jaedyn also performed in the best venues across the world including the Hollywood Bowl, Disney Concert Hall, and Clockenflap (Hong Kong’s largest music festival). She had collaborated with international artists such as SISTAR,, and U-KISS and toured in the United States, Africa, Mainland China, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries and is now actively promoting quality drum education in Hong Kong and across the world.

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