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GROUP LESSONS (3-6 students per class)

Group Drum Lessons at Hong Kong Drum Academy

From foundational beats to advanced rhythms, each course is tailored to unlock your musical potential, foster creativity, and build confidence behind the drum kit.


400+ Students Enrolled

Drum Lessons available at our studios in North Point, Kwun Tong or Online

Lessons are taught in English or Cantonese.


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Join our "Intro to Drums" or "Holiday Drum Camp" Group Lessons
Weekly Group Lessons
Drum Camps / Private Lessons

Join our "Intro to Drums" 5-week program or our 3 or 5-day Drum Camps! These classes are great to give you an introduction to playing the drumset! 

We offer group lessons every school term. Message our team to find out the latest schedule! 

In addition to weekly lessons, you may join us at our Holiday Drum Camps or switch to private lessons to further your learning!

You'll Learn:


Learning cool beats from different kinds of music.

Different Time Signatures

Trying out beats that feel fast, slow, or tricky, like musical adventures.

Proper Techniques

Learning the right way to drum so you can be awesome at it.


Throwing in surprise beats to make things more exciting.

Playing Songs

Making the drums sing along with your favorite songs!

Learn with Some New Friends!

Looking for the perfect beginner music lessons? Hong Kong Drum Academy’s 'Intro to Drums' Program is the perfect place to start. It’s great for students who have never played the drum set before or for students with less than 1 year of drum set experience!

In just 5 weeks you'll learn the basics of playing the drumset, PLUS you'll get to experience recording a drum cover! Here's what you'll get access to:

  • 5 x 45 or 60min lessons with a small group of new friends

  • Your very own “Intro to Drums” notes

  • 2 x 30min drum room rental for free at our North Hong Kong Drum Academy studio location at North Point (additional hours may be purchased at a discounted price)

  • Drum Cover Week, where you'll get to experience rocking out and performing in front of a camera

  • A rockstar photoshoot

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Course #1 - 5 Week Program


Intro To Drums

Every Student also completes the course with:

An 'Intro to Drums Certificate' and graduation photo

A video or photos of themselves performing with the class

Photos from their Rockstar photoshoot

Spaces are limited, and spots are only confirmed after completing registration and payment.

Message us for the exact schedule for the next intake.

Course #2


Weekly Group Lessons

Upon completion of the 'Intro to Drum Lessons' course or our Summer Drum Camps, students can enroll in weekly group lessons and learn:

More musical styles (Funk,Jazz, world grooves, etc)

More drum rudiments and applying them to songs

Hand techniques (fingercontrol, ghost notes, etc)

Foot techniques

Chart writing (how to play any song you like)

Note: Weekly Group Lessons are available only for students have taken our "Intro to Drums" Course, Holiday Drum Camps or students who have a few weeks or months of drumming experience


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any prior musical experience to start drum lessons?
    No, you don't need any prior musical experience to start drum lessons. We teach complete beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.
  • Do I need to own a drumset to take drum lessons?
    While having a drumset at home is beneficial for practice, it is not necessary to own a drumset when starting drum lessons. At Hong Kong Drum Academy, we provide acoustic drumsets for lessons, and our drum rooms are available for our students to book and practice. Please WhatsApp us at 92549796 for more info on how to rent our drum practice rooms.
  • Do you offer lessons for adults too?
    Yes! We teach students ages 5 or above. We have many parents who take 1-on-1 lessons or 1-on-2 lessons to learn together with their children. We also have many adult students who are hobbyists, friends, or couples who learn together. It’s NEVER too late to start!
  • For 1-on-2 Lessons, will you pair us up with a random person or can I invite my friend/dad/mom/child?
    Private 1-on-2 lessons are paired by yourself. You can start learning the drums with anyone of your choice. We have siblings, couples, friends, or even parent and child combinations!
  • My child is under 5. Can they take private lessons?
    While under 5 is a little too young for formal lessons, we are excited that you’re looking to get started early. We suggest you fill out our waiting list so that when they reach 5, we can arrange drum lessons for them immediately.
  • Do you offer online drum lessons?
    Yes, Hong Kong Drum Academy offers online one-on-one drum lessons. We require students to have an electronic drum set or an acoustic drum set at home to carry out online drum lessons efficiently.
  • Do you sell earplugs, drumsticks, and practice pads?
    Yes! Visit Our Store for more information. Click here to go to our store.
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