In-Person &

Online Drum Lessons

Kwun Tong | Ngau Tau Kok | Sai Ying Pun | Online (Skype)

Lessons can be arranged Monday to Sunday, from 9am-10pm (HKT).

A minimum of one lesson per week is recommended.

Lessons are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. ​

Longer sessions are also available for advanced students or those sitting exams.

All new students are eligible to enroll in a trial lesson to determine the most appropriate lesson length,

curriculum and content to be used to achieve their goals.

Prices are per person in HKD

Beginner Drum Lessons

Get started with your drumming journey and learn your first song!

  • Basic drum rudiments

  • Rock & pop grooves

  • Basic fill-ins

  • Subdivisions (quarter note, 8th note, 16th note, etc)

  • Optional: Drum Examinations (Rockschool/Trinity) 

  • Sitting posture

  • Holding the drum sticks

  • Proper hand & foot techniques

  • Basic music theory & reading drum notations

  • Parts of the drum set

  • Time signatures (such as 4/4 and 6/8)


1-on-1: $250

1-on-2: $200 


1-on-1: $350

1-on-2: $300 


1-on-1: $450

1-on-2: $350 

Intermediate Drum Lessons

Polish your foundation and apply it in various music styles! ​

  • More music styles

  • (funk, fusion, jazz, metal, Brazillian music, world grooves, etc)

  • Intermediate drum rudiments & applications 

  • Hand techniques (finger control, buzz roll, ghost notes)

  • Foot techniques 

  • Chart writing (i.e. how to play to any song you like)

  • Triplet grooves & fill-ins 

  • Shuffle (Blues, jazz, half-time)

  • Optional: Drum Examinations (Rockschool/Trinity)

30mins     1-on-1: $300

45mins     1-on-1: $400

60mins     1-on-1: $500

Advanced Drum Lessons

Take your drumming to a whole different level.​

  • Advanced hand techniques

  • Advanced foot techniques

  • Double bass drumming

  • Odd time grooves

  • Advanced fill-ins                                        (polyrhythm, gospel chops, odd groupings)

  • Different subdivisions                                           (32nd notes, quintuplets, septuplets)

  • Drum soloing 

  • Metric modulation

  • Drum recording

  • Drum mixing

  • The career path as a drummer

30mins     1-on-1: $350

45mins     1-on-1: $450

60mins     1-on-1: $600

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